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Moravia Holidays Home Page


You are about to discover one of the most beautiful, unspoiled  and undiscovered areas in Central Europe.

Moravia is a historical region in the Eastern part of the Czech Republic. By its  unique combination  of architectural gems, wonderful countryside and traditions it offers the best holidays in the Czeh republic .  Its walks are a very well kept secret explored mainly by the natives, but gradually being discovered by international travellers.

If you, like us, enjoy walking or cycling intertwined with good food excellent wines and beers and the opportunity to experience some spectacular natural attractions such the largest and most beautiful Karst (caves) in Central Europe which include the famous Macocha Abyssthen….. you are in the right place.

We would describe Moravia as “Refreshingly Different”

We came to South Moravia many years ago and fell in love with its beauty and easy pace of life. The renowned Moravian countryside and hospitality makes it one of the best destinations in Europe. What can be better whilst hiking, biking or just sight seeing than to be invited by a local farmer to share his own made wine something  you will experience frequently in this part of the world.

Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to discover the most beautiful area in the region namely South Moravia where you can find all you would expect from a wonderful holiday - comfortable accommodation, wine and gastronomic  specialities, monuments and unique nature, hiking, biking and other sports activities.  We will provide you with tips about places to visit around your chosen destination.
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