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Visiting Visiting The Bat'a Canal

The Bat'a Canal

The Baťa Canal consists of 53 km long historical water route between the cities of Otrokovice (Czech Republic) and Skalice (Slovakia). Certain sections run along the river Morava, while the rest are through man-made channels with a number of weirs, locks and other water structures. Building the Canal was the idea of the industrial magnate Tomáš Baťa. For a long time the canal was used essentially for freight water transport but currently it serves only as a tourist attraction.

On the route you can enjoy the picturesque landscape of the eastern part of South Moravia.

In addition you will encounter a number of unique technical structures (e.g. coal tippler.  Some of these technical sights have been restored and you can enjoy them during your trip. You will also find a typical Baťa house at each of the locks; these houses were built for the benefit of the employees.

For your boat trip you can choose any part of the Baťa Canal. Hence the journey can be an independent day trip or it can form a part of your walking or cycling trip – bicycles are welcomed on the canal boats.

Along the canal runs a very popular, almost 80km long, cycling path. Its undemanding terrain makes it suitable for all kinds of cyclists. And if you get tired of pedalling there is nothing simpler than to hop on-board and continue your journey by boat.

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